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Something in the Distance

    Something in the Distance is a work that actively harvests and displays content generated during the time of exhibition. Devices that normally function in the background, as hosts to works on display, are equipped with tools that allow for forms of communication or contribution to the project as a whole. Some devices are […]


Anne de Boer, I am breathing, 2017

Something Troubles

  Something Troubles, 2016 Sculpture hosting works of others on Local Network, while providing narration and ambience. This narration was fed into a live stream as part of DIRT space’s program during Art Licks Weekend 2016: As part of Art Licks Weekend DIRT will curate It’s not the digging, it’s the dirt, a series […]


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Плановое устаревание | Planned Obsolescence

July 9 – August 10 2016 Artists: Bogdan Ablozhnyy / Anne de Boer / Eloïse Bonneviot / Racheal Crowther / Adam Christensen / Ruth Angel Edwards / Patrick Goddard / Maria Gorodeckaya / Tom Huett / Isaac Lythgoe / Frances Malthouse / Josip Novosel / Cory Scozzari / Amalia Ulman / ВАСЯ RUN Curated by […]



I don’t wanna curate anymore, i just wanna accumulate content featured at: The last event in a week of openings, join us online on Sunday to browse through work from over 100 artists from an anonymized list. Ragnhild Aamås, Avantika Agarwal, Alex Anderson, Rosana Antoli, Saelia Aparicio, Uliana Apatina, Louise Atkinson, Emma Bäcklund, Gaby Bila-Günther, David Blandy, Anne de Boer, Eloise Bonneviot, Lucy Boyle, […]




Opening: 7 July 2016, 7pm 8 July – 7 August 2016 Who do “we” become when entities meet? Or, what might it take to escape the humanist territory? With works by Marguerite Humeau, Antoine Renard, Jeremy Shaw, The Mycological Twist and Andrew Norman Wilson Kevin Space is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition KOSMO. […]