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System Attempt Contact

System Attempt Contact ft. commissioned by Banner Repeater Anne de Boer’s newly commissioned work draws on key concepts of Industry 4.0 that entails an intertwining of physical and digital systems that combine in continuous interaction with each other. The factory loses its need for a physical site, but is instead a larger networked operation […]


Anne de Boer, So here I am now, 2017

So here I am now

‘So here I am now’ is a piece based on fragments of the ancient myth of Herakles. Fragments of sculptural and theatrical depictions are combined with footage of the location, Nemea, where Herakles presumably killed the mythical Nemean Lion. The piece is regenerated as a continuously changing theatrical piece through the algorithmic capacities of […]


Anne de Boer, I am breathing, 2017
Anne de Boer, bhgemIaanrit, 2017
Anne de Boer, I-xxxx-am-yyyy-breathing, 2017
Anne de Boer, I am breathing (2), 2017

I am breathing (2)

I am breathing (2) 2016, ongoing series All pictures © t-space studio As part of: NON STANDARD: Human and technological mediations with surrounding environments curated by Mattia Giussani Matilda Tjäder We can call this a slow (media) technological violence of war [..] It relates to the extended environmental impact of the link between contemporary multitempor(e)alities […]


Anne de Boer & ECKS-EN-IS, Leave this place (2017)
Anne de Boer, That I should be Seeing, 2017
Anne de Boer, Imaginary Surroundings, 2017
Anne de Boer, Or rather Someone, 2017