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Connection has timed out

  Connection has timed out is work that takes in consideration its existence as a web based work, as well as depending on a server to be hosted on. Instead of taking these conditions as given, and available through external companies, an investigation is opened to the capability of hosting online projects on a self-made […]



infrastructure/residence, Jupiter Woods

On Friday 2nd of October JupiterWoods will launch four converging projects. The first three come together under the header ‘infrastructure’ and operate as part reactivation, part finalisation, part implementation, of permanent installations that engage in the fabric and architecture of JupiterWoods. The fourth project is a presentation of new works by our latest artist-in-residence, Ricki […]



Void Shuffle (int[] array)

Series of 1 minute videos arranged according to the shuffle function of the source its being played from. The series contain snippets and information recorded during the making of the piece. Shots of the studio, the travel to the studio etc. are mixed up with tutorial videos on shuffle and random code. In the midst […]