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Opening: 7 July 2016, 7pm 8 July – 7 August 2016 Who do “we” become when entities meet? Or, what might it take to escape the humanist territory? With works by Marguerite Humeau, Antoine Renard, Jeremy Shaw, The Mycological Twist and Andrew Norman Wilson Kevin Space is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition KOSMO. […]


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infrastructure/residence, Jupiter Woods

On Friday 2nd of October JupiterWoods will launch four converging projects. The first three come together under the header ‘infrastructure’ and operate as part reactivation, part finalisation, part implementation, of permanent installations that engage in the fabric and architecture of JupiterWoods. The fourth project is a presentation of new works by our latest artist-in-residence, Ricki […]



the Mycological Twist

The Mycological Twist is a permanent installation located in Jupiter Woods’ garden since summer 2014. The garden functions as the central node for researches that stem from artistic, theoretical and scientific interests related to the concept of garden, as a managed ecology. Taking the networked mycological garden as an exhibition model and metaphor for future […]