print on banner 300x120cm
exhibion curated by HARD-CORE’s toolbox no1.
2013, Sjávarklasinn, Reykjavík, Iceland


80objects.tif in an exhibion curated by Asahi
2013, Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern, Switzerland

80objects.tif is a work that exists as a program on the basis of all its outcomes. Without this program the work would not exist at all. 80objects.tif is initially programmed to end up as a printed banner, but with a slight change within its code a change in its medium can be made.

For example 80objects.dxf is another export from the same program which can be read and rendered as a 3D-object in the right software. Whenever the work will be presented again, a fitting display-structure can be found, and the software will be adjusted to this new carrier.