Connection has timed out


Connection has timed out is work that takes in consideration its existence as a web based work, as well as depending on a server to be hosted on. Instead of taking these conditions as given, and available through external companies, an investigation is opened to the capability of hosting online projects on a self-made server. A solar panel generates the energy it can get from the sun in order to power the server, but with a lack of sunlight the server can be offline for a certain period.

The index page of the server currently displays content harvested from different sources, both on- and offline. This content revolves around the production of the server, in terms of tutorials, small snippets from personal travel as well as more historical references.

Currently the server is situated in JupiterWoods, London. Starting in 2016 it will host works from other artists as part of Lacuna Sovereignty, a project curated by Cory Scozzari.




images above by Damian Griffiths