Something Troubles





Something Troubles, 2016
Sculpture hosting works of others on Local Network, while providing narration and ambience.
This narration was fed into a live stream as part of DIRT space’s program during Art Licks Weekend 2016:

As part of Art Licks Weekend DIRT will curate It’s not the digging, it’s the dirt, a series of live and pre-recorded events broadcast from a solicitors’ office in Islington.

With no entry to the office, the work will be accessed via an online stream and screens placed on the façade of the building. A closed, short-range network will allow site visitors to download additional material.

Tune in to hear academic Keir Wotherspoon discussing the history of broadcast in relation to digital networks, watch Anne De Boer’s bot-generated narratives probe technology’s capacity to elevate the human figure, ask Helen Michael to solve your problems in her live quasi-legal advice column, and stretch out to heavy metal with the online Doom Yoga class.

Participating artists and contributors

Feiko Beckers, Anne De Boer, Meg Ferguson, Peter Glasgow, Bertha Hoël, Maito Jobbe-Duval, Kineret Lourie, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Girolamo Marri, Helen Michael, Luli Perez, Susannah Stark, Theo Turpin, Emma Jane Whitton, Keir Wotherspoon, Doom Yoga.
(text by DIRT space)

Audio fragment: