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Плановое устаревание | Planned Obsolescence

July 9 – August 10 2016 Artists: Bogdan Ablozhnyy / Anne de Boer / Eloïse Bonneviot / Racheal Crowther / Adam Christensen / Ruth Angel Edwards / Patrick Goddard / Maria Gorodeckaya / Tom Huett / Isaac Lythgoe / Frances Malthouse / Josip Novosel / Cory Scozzari / Amalia Ulman / ВАСЯ RUN Curated by […]


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Connection has timed out

  Connection has timed out is work that takes in consideration its existence as a web based work, as well as depending on a server to be hosted on. Instead of taking these conditions as given, and available through external companies, an investigation is opened to the capability of hosting online projects on a self-made […]