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the Swarm

the Swarm2020 They were there, large swarms of little wing-cased creatures. Shit Bugs. Appearing in thousands, buzzing around when the sun shines the brightest. Eyewitnesses confirm: “thousands and thousands and thousands, really bizarre. All of these little animals. We’ve never experienced anything like it, such an incredible amount. Yesterday we scared them away with a […]



Multi Terra Mining

Multi Terra Mining, 2019Aluminium extrusions, MDF shelves, HDMI-cables, audio-cables, power-cables, Raspberry Pi’s, 3D prints in PLA, flat screens, database of scenery and CGI vegetation videos, database of audio fragments; dimensions variable Anne de Boer’s installation Multi Terra Mining functions both as a host to the works of Eloïse Bonneviot and the Mycological Twist, and as […]


Installation View 2 – 4717, RCA Dyson Gallery, 2018

Than together I rendered

            Than together I rendered ft. 2018 aluminium extrusions, 4 red plexiglass sculptures featuring Operating System, databases of scenery and close-up video’s, ambient sounds and spoken fragments, audio cables, audio mixer, HDMI-cable, power cords, USB power cords, USB and power multiplug ‘Than together I rendered’ is an installation […]



A flow be a disclosure

A flow be a disclosure ft. 2018 aluminium extrusions, plexiglass, galvanized steel, raspberry pi’s, audio cables, audio mixer, headphone, 49” flatscreen, hdmi-cable, power cords, USB power cords, multiplug, databases of scenery video’s, ambient sounds, text and spoken fragments, software part of Exhibited at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran during MiArt 2018, with: Julia Dault, Andrea […]



System Attempt Contact

System Attempt Contact ft. commissioned by Banner Repeater Anne de Boer’s newly commissioned work draws on key concepts of Industry 4.0 that entails an intertwining of physical and digital systems that combine in continuous interaction with each other. The factory loses its need for a physical site, but is instead a larger networked operation […]


Anne de Boer, So here I am now, 2017

So here I am now

‘So here I am now’ is a piece based on fragments of the ancient myth of Herakles. Fragments of sculptural and theatrical depictions are combined with footage of the location, Nemea, where Herakles presumably killed the mythical Nemean Lion. The piece is regenerated as a continuously changing theatrical piece through the algorithmic capacities of […]