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Anne de Boer, So here I am now, 2017

So here I am now

‘So here I am now’ is a piece based on fragments of the ancient myth of Herakles. Fragments of sculptural and theatrical depictions are combined with footage of the location, Nemea, where Herakles presumably killed the mythical Nemean Lion. The piece is regenerated as a continuously changing theatrical piece through the algorithmic capacities of […]



The Ripped Uk Power Plug

    The Ripped Uk power plug is an installation displaying another version of the XNSbot series. The sculptural components of XNSbot hosts a variety of works ranging from drawings, prints and engravings, sound and video. The technological elements that hosts the work have an alternative function online, where it is constructing an identity out […]


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Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat

View work on         ‘Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat’ was partly constructed by the XNSbot hosted on ‘The Ripped Uk Power Plug‘ at the Goldsmiths Gallery.     Two Admirable Uncles Communicating to the Beat A Short Story by XNSbot ECKS-EN-IS was thinking about Anne de Boer again. Anne […]


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Connection has timed out

  Connection has timed out is work that takes in consideration its existence as a web based work, as well as depending on a server to be hosted on. Instead of taking these conditions as given, and available through external companies, an investigation is opened to the capability of hosting online projects on a self-made […]