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– A senseless novel called ‘the Fellowship of the Thing‘ written through the usage of a random text generator.
– A visual search tool for unstructured text such as a book, article, speech or poem. By selecting a word or phrase the tool shows all the different contexts in which it appears, revealing recurrent themes and phrases.
– A youtube playlist containing small fragments of travelling to several locations, recorded out of boredom, providing a view to what passes by behind the screen of the device.
– A Javascript registering the exact local time of visiting the html-page. The recorded time is the variable parameter for several elements on the page.
– A database filled with 60 images taken on Google streetview in the surrounding of the goDaddy webserver located in Scottsdale, Arizona, on which this work is hosted.
– A graph depicting the amount of milliseconds, refreshable by clicking on the window, and changing shape throughout the year.
– A time-stamp watermark.



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